Minority shareholder Dorothy Carvello has nominated herself to the board of Warner Music Group, with plans to push for cultural reform, according to media reports.

Carvello’s self-nomination was made possible following new rules adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), allowing shareholders to nominate themselves as directors for election on public company boards using the same ballot as management’s nominees.

According to Yahoo Finance, Carvello has alleged that Warner Music Group cannot attract top female artists or employees due to its corporate culture which she argues is “broken.” She contends that change must happen from within, not from “silencing victims with NDAs and hush money.”

Carvello is well known in the sector as the first female Arts & Repertoire executive at Atlantic Records. She has alleged sexual assault by current and former WMG executives against herself, other former Warner employees and female artists.

The annual meeting is expected to take place in late February.