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Unparalleled knowledge and insight

Diligent Market Intelligence is a market-leading SaaS company. First launched as Activist Insight and Proxy Insight in 2012 and 2013 respectively, these companies had quickly risen to become leaders in their fields, before merging to become Insightia in 2020. The company was then acquired by Diligent in January 2022. Diligent Market Intelligence provides unrivalled coverage of shareholder activism, investor voting, and corporate governance. Through its web application, and associated data feeds, users can access the most complete solution for listed company intelligence on the market, with broader and deeper insights.

Global in scope and impact

Diligent Market Intelligence boasts a key differentiator in its global coverage of shareholder activism and investor voting and is regularly quoted in the leading international financial press. With staff and clients positioned in North America, Europe and Asia, Diligent drives meaningful impact on the global stage.

The preeminent supplier

Diligent Market Intelligence differentiates itself across several key areas to satisfy its long-term objective of delivering superior value to its clients. The sheer depth of our comprehensive coverage is unrivaled. Indeed, our dedicated journalism and data operations ensure our clients benefit from the best qualitative and quantitative information available, while our rapid responsiveness and client support capabilities are renowned throughout the industry. Our streamlined processes and in-house technical expertise ensure we deliver information to our clients faster than anyone else, while our laser focus on the space ensures our modules and services continually develop in response to market opportunities and client feedback.

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