Glass Lewis has acquired French proxy advisory firm Proxinvest, as it moves to expand its presence in the European market.

The acquisition was announced in a December 1 press release, in which Glass Lewis stated that acquiring Proxinvest will allow it to better serve both the European institutional and corporate markets.

Proxinvest was founded in 1995 and is the only French voting advisory agency, offering coverage of French and European companies to investors.

The move by Glass Lewis follows its acquisition of Spanish proxy firm Alembeeks, as well as German firm IVOX.

“We know Glass Lewis will fully protect the independence of our distinctive research and the whole Proxinvest team is excited to now join forces,” said Proxinvest CEO Alain Demarolle. Glass Lewis co-founder Kevin Cameron described Proxinvest as a leader in the proxy research space in France with clients extending across Europe.

Cameron added that Glass Lewis will continue to offer the proxy research Proxinvest generated in the French language, in order to meet the needs of the market.