Activist investment firm Engine No.1 has taken a stake in Coca-Cola and called on the global beverage giant to enforce its commitment to recycle all of its cans and bottles by 2030, according to media reports.

Engine No.1 suggested that Coca-Cola form a partnership with waste-management company Republic Services, in order to develop the recycling capacity needed to meet its targets

The activist which made its mark with an environmentally-themed proxy contest at oil major Exxon last year, holds a less than 0.1% stake in Republic Services.

Semafor reports that Engine No.1 has already held conversations with Coca-Cola executives about either investing in Republic itself or forming a long-term contract pledge to buy bottles made of recycled plastic. It’s understood the beverage giant’s executives have already reached out to Republic in a bid to gauge interest.

Coca-Cola was the highest ranked company in climate activist As You Sow’s 2021 Corporate Plastic Pollution Scorecard as it moved to disclose the number of units of plastic packaging it produced and had also reported 60% progress towards its goal of recycling one bottle or can for each one produced.