Hear from Amanda Carty, Managing Director, ESG & Data Intelligence, and Josh Black, Editor-in-Chief, Diligent.

Keeping up with evolving shareholder activism risk is daunting. Get the clarity you need.

Public companies are increasingly being held accountable on issues beyond the bottom line.

With the rise in ESG demands from shareholders and stakeholders, enhanced visibility and market intelligence is a must to stay one step ahead. Investors, issuers and their advisers need clarity on corporate governance and shareholder activity in the market to inform their decision-making.

Your trusted source for the latest on stakeholder activism.

Diligent Market Intelligence delivers the insights leaders need most. With the power of a fully united Insightia and Diligent, you get the critical data needed to proactively manage shareholder pressures, mitigate governance risks and maintain a competitive edge.

Here’s what’s in it for you.

With Diligent Market Intelligence, you can stay ahead of a changing market with trusted data insights to:

· Optimize shareholder engagement

· Benchmark against peers to discover best-in-class practices and market trends

· Uncover vulnerabilities to shareholder activism early and be prepared to act

· Establish stronger corporate governance practices

· Inform voting decisions

How can you use Diligent Market Intelligence for day-to-day requirements? Here’s a snapshot of our key features.

Customizable dashboards

Amalgamate the information most important to you on a single screen, ensuring that you never miss a beat on the latest developments in the world of governance, engagement and stewardship.

Rapid alerts

Receive fully customized alerts directly to your inbox thanks to DMI’s market-leading alert system, or digest the alerts in the aggregate on DMI itself. Act fast on the breaking developments that matter most to you.

Cross-dataset searches

Delve into the masses of data on offer across DMI’s modules to perform exact searches — each delivering tailored results. View the data on the DMI platform or download to Excel for further expert analysis.

In-depth reporting

Cut through the noise and gain a deeper understanding of the governance, engagement and stewardship landscape with DMI’s in-depth newswire articles and bespoke reports.

Get powerful insights for your biggest business decisions.

By bringing together Insightia and Diligent to form Diligent Market Intelligence, we give companies a connected view of the biggest trends impacting their organizations, in real time, so they can lead with purpose.

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